"Miss Missy is the sweetest photographer I ever met. I drove down two weeks ago to do a photo shoot with her because my husband wanted me to have some nice professional photos. I am not a professional model, but a regular girl, so I was a little nervous when it came to posing and such. Once I arrived, Missy made me feel at home, did my hair and makeup, helped with wardrobe (she has the most amazing closet of outfits you can wear), and helped me with poses. She was fantastic and with her lens and skills, I wound up with some beautiful images and an experience I will never forget. I want to thank Missy from the bottom of my heart for everything. Now all you pinup fans, go book a photo shoot!" -Laura Kay, 2012


" I had a photo shoot last night with Miss Missy and it was fabulous.  I felt really comfortable with her and she directed me well.  I am really REALLY happy with how my pictures came out. I feel freaking adorable – which is what I was aiming for !" - Mandie Bee



"My experience with Miss Missy Photography was so surreal. I was so incredibly quite and nervous and she reassured my nerves once she did my make up and hair. which by the way her skills are absolutely phenomenal! I was so happy with the end result I could have cried. I highly recommend Missy and her services. She's truly gifted at her triple threat talent. Yours truly, Monica Marz



“Miss Missy is amazing to work with! My first shoot with her was only the second time I had ever shot with a professional photographer. I was really nervous and self conscious but she put me at ease immediately. I wouldn’t call myself naturally photogenic so I would have been happy with one great shot but there were a ton of great ones. Multiple photos from our shoots have even been published in magazines! I look forward to working with her again.” Little Ms.. Melody



"I LOVED working with Missy! It was my first time to ever do anything like that.. She made me feel so comfortable during the whole thing and when I saw myself in the pictures after, I couldn't believe it was even me! I've never felt so beautiful in my life! working with her is truly a life altering experience every woman should be so lucky to have!" Tiffany Reynolds



"I have shot with Missy twice now and I have to say I can’t imagine being more comfortable with anyone else. I had never been photographed before and was absolutely amazed at how great my pictures came out. Missy takes her time to pay attention to every detail and make you look as perfect as possible. From hair and makeup to helping you pose, she’s the best. Missy is such a sweetheart and wonderful to deal with, I can’t wait to work with her again!"




"It was a sweet honor to work with Miss Missy Photography! From the moment I walked through the door, I immediately felt like I was at home. Missy is the ONLY photographer that DOES IT ALL. From stunning hair that i refused to wash out after 2 days, to perfect makeup, to wardrobe, to photography and editing! I was truely amazed with how PERFECT everything turned out! I am definitely a Miss Missy Photography fan and life-long friend now!! "

Joey Dynamite


"The first time I met Missy, I honestly fell inlove! I was a bit intimidated but as we were in makeup in hair, she makes you feel very comfortable and welcomed. I felt beautiful in her hands! During our session she helped me on what to do and pose. I am forever grateful to have gotten to know Missy, its been 6 years since I've gotten to know her and her sweet daughter, I consoder her as a sister! Her photography of me has meant so much to me, I will forever cherish them and I hope that one day my grandchildren will appreciate them as I have. A moment locked in time, forever young all because of Missy's talent in photography makeup and hair! Thank you and Love you forever!"

Eve Chandler